5 Elvie Products That’ll Change Your Life as a New Mom - Tinybeans

2022-12-20 16:48:42 By : Mr. Cooper Chen

Pumping is tough. It’s mentally and emotionally taxing, physically demanding—we’re looking at you, dry, sore and cracked nipples—and an all-around time-consuming process. Toss in bulky machines, uncomfortable flanges and being confined to your nearest outlet for power for an even more hassle-filled experience.

Just when you thought you made it through those gruesome 20 minutes, you remember those pelvic floor exercises you’ve been desperately avoiding, which can eat up the precious time you already don’t have. Breast milk pump machine

5 Elvie Products That’ll Change Your Life as a New Mom - Tinybeans

That’s where Elvie comes in. A women’s lifestyle and technology brand founded in 2013, Elvie has developed award-winning, high-tech products that address the modern demands of the postpartum chapter and beyond.

With breastfeeding products that are wearable, hands-free, electric and ultra-quiet, busy mommas everywhere can pump while on the go. Yes, that includes waiting in the school pick-up line, cleaning up around the house, or even taking a meeting. Don’t forget about their simple and fast Kegel trainer that can help revive a weakened pelvic floor.

If you’re ready to add Elvie to your shopping cart, we’ve broken down five of the company’s top products that are currently changing the game.

Say goodbye to external cords and tubes and hello to the Elvie Pump: a custom fit, silent electric breast pump that you can discreetly wear underneath clothing. Choose between two modes and 14 intensity settings for optimal comfort and efficiency. Plus: You can connect your pump to the free app, Pump with Elvie, to control your settings and keep track of your pumping history.

As the 2021 TIME Best Invention Award Winner for product design, innovation and accessibility, the Elvie Stride is a must-have. The portable, hospital-grade pump features a powerful suction pressure of up to -300 mmHg and ten different intensity levels. You’ll also appreciate its noise-reduction technology, lightweight design and five ounce capacity per cup.

While milk leakage is a normal sign of production and release, soiled shirts can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. Insert the Elvie Catch. The pair of slip-free milk collection cups can catch up to one ounce of milk between feeds to protect against leaks and replace regular single-use breast pads that also take the leaked milk with them to the trash can. The Elvie Catch’s soft silicone and tear drop design help it comfortably stay in place and fit the natural shape of your breast, making the most of your supply.

Imagine being able to breastfeed your infant on one side while simultaneously pumping on the other. With the Elvie Curve, you can do exactly that. The wearable, silicone breast pump is contoured to easily fit in your bra for one-press expression and uses natural suction for a gentle experience. You’ll no longer have to worry about losing any precious milk from either breast. For an added bonus, you can even toss them in the dishwasher for safe, easy and fast cleaning.

The Elvie Trainer is your go-to, personal Kegel trainer that can help strengthen your pelvic floor—all within the comforts of your home. The smart device is small, soft and comfortable and seamlessly connects to an app for six guided, expert-designed workouts. Also see noticeable results in just four weeks by using the Elvie Trainer for five minutes a day, three times a week.

Now that you’re well-versed in the realm of Elvie, head to elvie.com/en-us to begin improving your postnatal experience! Take 20% off with code TINYXELVIE20.

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5 Elvie Products That’ll Change Your Life as a New Mom - Tinybeans

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